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Available in 1 color palettes, and 2 shapes.
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Please Note: When creating your label artwork, please be sure to include a full 1/16" (0.0625 inch) bleed on all sides of your label design. Your labels will be cut to the die-line as shown. (see our help guide for more info)

Artwork should have a minimum resolution of 300dpi at print size, and can be supplied in many formats including .JPG, .PNG, .TIF, .PDF, .AI, .EPS, and .PSD.

  • Blank - CD DVD Full
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Our glossy option provides crisp colors and a bright high quality finish, with an unbeatable level of durability and excellent water resistance
Our laminated matte option combines the flat finish of our matte material with the durability of our glossy option. Suitable for dark labels where a flat finish is desired (please note that our laminated matte option can have a slight dulling effect on dark colors)
A polypropylene film that is tear-resistant and highly durable. This option produces sharp image quality and a crisp flat finish. We do not recommend our matte stock for labels with large areas of solid black ink coverage, as these areas can in some cases become prone to minor scuffing when handled excessively. Please note that if your design is unsuitable for this material, we reserve the right to change to a more suitable option.

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